First of all, for the plugin to work properly, you need to edit some settings.

First head over to wp-admin → WP Discord Invite → WP Discord Invite


  • Invite Link: It is the invite link to your Discord server starting either at or

  • You need to enter only the part after the base URL. (e.g. if your invite link is, enter only AbcXyz in the field).

  • Redirect URL: It is the suffix part after your site URL (like: or You can set it to whatever you want.

  • The title will be displayed above the description and below the author. (You can set these and click save changes to see it in Embed Preview)

  • The description will be displayed below the title.

  • The author will be displayed above the title.

  • Image URL is the URL of the image to be displayed at the right end of the embed. (Pro Tip: You can just send an image to any channel in Discord → Click that image to view → Right-click → Copy Link. You can use this link in the Image URL field and the image will be hosted in Discord's CDN)

  • You can select the embed colour using the interactive colour picker.

You have now completed the basic configuration of the plugin. Now if you send the URL you see at the top of the page in wp-admin or <your_site_URL>/discord to Discord you'll see an embed as seen in the embed preview section.

Note: The embed preview will change only if Save Changes The button is clicked.


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